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Jan 25, 2013 1:00pm PST
it operates without authority from any central government. in the partial personal affairs court, they argue over who gets custody of a house in a family dispute. this is a former judge. he defected from the syrian government and is now the general prosecutor for this fledgeling rebel judicial system. >> this is an emergency solution and we came po work to maintain law and order. even a temporary system needs jails. there about 100 people detained in what looks like a dungeon. >> the prison guards divided cells in the basement they established for male civilian prisoners and down at the end of this hall for military prisoners, some of whom come from the government army and some from the rebel-free syrian army. a court founded by rebels -- has imprisoned rebels accused of war crimes. a fighter swears to god he is innocent and then collapses on the floor. he said he is accused of leading fighters into a battle of many rebels. like most of the inmates, this rebel does not want to show his face. >> i'm a member of the free syrian army. i tortured a fighter and he died. >> the conditioned are col
Jan 28, 2013 1:00pm PST
polled, according to a cnn national exit poll, say the u.s. government should deport illegal immigrants and stop more from coming in. what is your response to that? >> i mean, it's clear that even government has stated, that's not even an option. these are people who are contributing to our economy. these are people who are lived here like probably for, like, 10, 15 years, 20 years. i don't know. these are people who are truly americans. >> reporter: you can see why the i grags iss immigration issue is so hard. >> i have a baby and i don't know what happens if they deport me. >> reporter: living in fear and an impossible choice if she faced deportation. leave her child here in the united states where he could have a better life or stay with her and have him go to a country that neither of them knows. and on the front door of that family's home, two small american flags. ricardo campos plans to go back to capitol hill to continue serving as an activist. >> there's a moment right now. they've tried several times over the past years. this might be the moment to pass this. >> in particular
Jan 24, 2013 1:00pm PST
to not seek the death penalty. he cooperated with government efforts to fight terrorism. >>> also, what's the video version of a tweet? good question. apparently it is a vine. that's the new video service unveiled by twitter today. like tweets, vines have to be six seconds or less. for now, it's only available on iphones or ipads. >>> a soccer player is facing a suspension for kicking a ball in the last few minutes of a match between chelsea and he kicked the ball boy. chelsea down by two goals, every second counted, obviously. but the kick outraged fans of both teams and got him kicked out of the game. not a surprise. >>> a camera operator has a real life presh with death brush with death. wow. that's a bi-plane coming within two feet of filming this stunt. the video has been posted on youtube where it's been seen 166,000 times so far. he hadn't seen the video and wasn't able to comment on it quite yet. close call. >> is that a runway? >> it looks like it. >> what were they doing on a runway? >> all wonderful questions people are asking right now. >> fortunately everyone is okay. >> fo
Jan 23, 2013 2:31pm PST
, as a result of these sort of fledgling new governments. >> why isn't the libyan government, fran, doing more to detain, to arrest these -- especially the suspects involved in the benghazi killing, but these al qaeda operatives, loosely affiliated with the core al qaeda throughout libya? >> you know, wolf, it's not just the libyan government. remember, the tunisians had an individual in custody, secretary clinton was asked about that today. said, we're working with the tunisian government. you know, we didn't have enough evidence yet to charge him. fbi director mueller was in libya last week, talking to the libyans about the ongoing investigation. it's very frustrating to the families and to many who watch this, these investigations, these international ones, are complicated and they do take time. but believe me, wolf, the bad guys in the region watch this. and the longer it goes without anybody being brought to justice, it's an indication to them that they have freedom of action, if you will, to target western facilities and westerners, and you see things like the attack on the algerian oil
Jan 22, 2013 1:00pm PST
connell, they believe the size of government, debt and deficit is is the biggest issues. and if you listen to the speech yesterday, he made only passing references to that. talk of immigration reform, many republicans including the speaker want to work with the president on that but if he talks a lot publicly, it puts pressure on the conservative base which any legal status is amnesty. the president also talking about gun control and gun rights, just talked to tom fuentes, it stretches the political coalition. the things that the president highlighted and spend more time on his inauguration address, the republicans are saying now you see the real obama. now that he doesn't have to face the voters in four years, he's going to move to the left and gay rights, gun control, grassroots that stress the republican coalition and likely to strain an already difficult relationship between the president and leaders and the man we're about to hear from john boehner is most important because he runs the house. >> i heard from a few republicans. they thought after they cooperated with the president to avert the fisca
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
% who did not. it was a speech that talked about collective action by the government and when you look at the biggest issue that we face of this era, it's the deficit. it's the trillion dollars of debt and the president didn't really talk about that. he talked about, we're not a nation of takers but that we've become a nation of debtors. >> the president clearly is a smart man, a smart politician. he's also a writer, a thoughtful person. if that is the speech, if the speech as ari described, why would he decide to give that speech? what's the political goal? >> this is the last time he's getting sworn in as president of the united states. that's why. i think it's martin luther king day. martin luther king was courageous. martin made this point earlier that perhaps the president had some sense of guilt about not doing gun control and that it took newtown to get him to do that and so this is the speech you get to give once and i think there may have been a sense he wanted to be aggressive because he could and because he had to set out what he believes he said, i'm not going to get all of
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)